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Once Upon a Pesto is a new way of thinking about how flavors and textures pair with creativity and flexibility on a global scale. Pesto is not a specific recipe—it's a process. Through this approach, you will master pesto-making and discover innovative applications for many pesto recipes.

Pesto & You


Now that you know pesto is a process, you can customize it to your favorite ingredients and food preferences. Whether you aren't able to eat dairy or have a nut allergy, you can make pesto to fit your needs. Pesto also allows you to work with regional and seasonal produce based on where you live and what time of year it is.


Do you love savory food? Make one of my pesto recipes that features a vegetable, herb, or spice. Do you have a sweet tooth? Find your favorite fruit-based pesto recipe. You name it, it's pesto-possible!

Organic Vegetables

Pesto as a Process

PESTARE (Italian verb) 1. to grind 2. to crush

Based on its etymology, pesto is a process and not certain ingredients. It comes from an Italian verb that means to grind or to crush. From that same verb, we get the world pestle. Mortars and pestles were the first tools used to make pesto. You can still make pesto with a mortar and pestle; using a blender or food processor is a quicker option.

Morter and Pestle

Pesto & the World


The most well-known pesto comes from a northwestern town of Italy, Genoa, and is called pesto Genovese. It's made with basil because that herb grows in abundance and the people wanted to find a way to use it all up. The same solution applies to all over the world—take an ingredient widely available and use it in the pesto process. You'll end up with a delicious sauce and prevent food waste at the same time.

Groceries and vegetables

Pesto & Me


Hi! I'm the founder of Once Upon a Pesto. I am a storyteller at heart, both professionally and in my free time. I was born with a love for creativity, from drawing and writing to dancing and playing different instruments. I believe music, food, and cooking offer similar experiences. They can all be understood worldwide without any barriers to language. Also, they all involve multiple senses and can share cultural stories. My mission for Once Upon a Pesto is to share food history and recipes to guide you on an exciting global journey.

I'm often asked, "Why pesto?" Or, "How did you become the "Pesto Pro?" And you're probably wondering the very same. After traveling to more than a dozen different countries, experiencing each culture's uniqueness, and expanding my language skills, I was inspired to share that awe and excitement with others. While pesto is most well known for its association with Italy—the country in which I spent most of my time abroad—pesto is so much more than basil and pine nuts. Through this simple technique of pounding or blending, we can learn, cook, and enjoy countless pesto recipes.


Contact Me

Feel free to reach out to learn more about my work, inquire about collaboration opportunities, and explore the world of pesto.

Thanks for reaching out!

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